The Company

We started our history almost twenty years ago, as a small domestic and familiar entrepreneurship producing crispy peanuts.

We incorporated peanuts sticks production and today we arrive to tables of thousands or Argentinian people with tasty and best properties snacks variety and quality.

We know that we are part of your family tables sharing unforgettable moments and memories that is why we always make efforts to improve and grow giving to our consumers´ reasons to keep choosing us.

Mision: Permanent searching of growing, working with an equipment that progresses giving privilidge to quality and flavour. We intend to offer high quality alimentary products and services to all people who wish to experience an exchange between value and flavour 

Vision: We know we are part of Argentinian tables, sharing moments and unforgettable memories, that is why we always make efforts to improve and grow a giving to our loyal consumers´ reasons for keeping choosing us.

Values: We do it by means of a management oriented to innovation, creativity, creation of value, respect and cordiality between people who form warmth part of the team as well as to our consumers, clients, contributors for suppliers and society.


+54 (0353) 154231293


Carlos Avalle 6519
Parque Industrial y Tec. de Villa María

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